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Cis. She/her. Feminist. Possibly ace.

This is not a happy blog.

"All the love that they pledge, for the last time won't reach the ledge..."

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  • hermione: if you were to be the leading expert in any field, which would it be?
  • ron: how do you feel about spiders?
  • harry: if you had abilities you were unaware of, what would you hope them to be?
  • luna: what do you think about when your mind is at peace?
  • neville: what's an injustice you would always stand up to?
  • draco: what's your relationship to your father?
  • sirius: if you were to transform into any animal what would it be?
  • lavendar: whats your current obsession?
  • ginny: whats your guilty pleasure?
  • hagrid: something you secretly do but shouldnt ever do?
  • lupin: how do you change from your day time self to your 'after hours' self?
  • snape: what's something you're currently................................up to?
  • fang: do you think you're as tough as you seem?
  • dumbledore: tumblr user you would give 10 points to?
  • voldemort: the worst thing fear has pushed you to do?
Jul 29, 2014
12:11 AM

I am now facebook friends with Jamie again


Jul 28, 2014
11:29 PM
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Jul 28, 2014
9:09 PM
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I got a Schecter Omen 6 for my birthday!

Also I like to pretend that I am cute in this photo

Jul 27, 2014
7:05 PM
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I think I might have broken my finger reblogging this. 

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Jul 26, 2014
11:45 PM
ssmokedup: Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely time :)

Thanks Josh! =D

Jul 26, 2014
10:28 AM
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It’s my birthday today

I feel old

Jul 25, 2014
2:24 PM
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Åbo Akademi - Turku, Finland

Åbo Akademi University has the distinction of being the only entirely Swedish-speaking multi-faculty university outside of Sweden.

Photo credits: [x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x]

AA is where I studied when I lived in Finland =)

Jul 25, 2014
2:15 PM
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Me for all of high school

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Jul 25, 2014
2:15 PM
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Out of curiosity, could you take a moment to reblog this if you believe that demisexuality exists? I’m demisexual, and I feel like demisexuality goes really under the radar, even within the asexual community umbrella. A lot of people don’t believe that it exists, and even within the ace community, demisexuality is still questioned as being legitimate, although we share the same flag. So reblog this is if you believe it exists. image

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